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That time of the year has come round again, when yellow leaves, or none orFall leaves, white chair, rain few, do hang upon the boughs which shake against the cold.  And in a lot of the country just now we’ve had a lot of rain. And when it wasn’t raining, the sky was heavy with clouds as gray as slate.  This is weather in which to listen to Leonard Cohen sing one of his near suicidal songs. Or maybe just stay in bed. Well, the leaves are pretty this time of year. That’s something.

Too Much Rainy Weather

We’ll get to Keats’s “Ode to Autumn” a little later in October. For now, with permission, we chose a brief verse from Cheap Poems, a mini book published by Spring Harbor Press. It sums up our feelings just fine and it’s called “Rainy Days.”

Yesterday it rained some more
Just as it did the day before,
And now it’s rained all day today
And kept the kids indoors to play
And made them cross, and this has led
To tears and spankings and to bed.
Oh, it will bring us all great sorrow
If it rains again tomorrow.

As we said, it’s not Keats. And we do like the Romantics. But if you have little kids and have a week of rainy weather, this may be more meaningful than anything written by a childless Romantic poet.

More Notes

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